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Not all those who wander are lost

Have you ever felt lost or not really known what your purpose on this beautiful earth is? Well I have more than once, not knowing what I'm destined for in this life, or just not knowing how to live life to the fullest.

But what I always have had with me is my gut feeling and sense of core feeling within, that something more is waiting for me out there. I just have to find my path and take the steps forward to get there. I have tried to find that path by tuning in to my inner voice, that feeling within, and let it guide me to find my way.

Now that is not something I have found easy. It has been a long journey and still is! Because life is like that I believe! It will throw you curveballs and it’s close to impossible to dodge them all. You might end up falling off track perhaps not even finding that path or road you feel is somewhere out there for you to find.

I like to look at life as a journey. You might have a goal but not knowing how to get there. And sometimes you don’t have a goal and don’t know anything about what your next steps should be. So if you have gotten hit by curveballs, fallen off the wagon so many times, it is easy to just feel lost and lose that inner connection with yourself.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, at all. It’s a chance to see new things and learn from what has been and yes, might load you up with some extra weight in your baggage, but that does not have to be a bad thing. If one learns how to rise from it, and keep moving forward. Sometimes that will be what helps you find your way or your goals if you feel you are lost in limbo. At least that is how I try to see it.

Because once you find your way back to yourself, by tuning in and really listening, finding that stillness - you will at some point hear yourself. You will hear what it is you need to get back on track. It might not be clear but you will perhaps have that gut feeling that something is needed to change. And from that you will be able to take steps forward.

You will see the clouds dispersing, and the sky that once felt so heavy and dark will be blue again, and you will see the sun shine through. You have found your way back to your own shine.

What once felt lost will be restored but perhaps in a different light. That is in my experience. There have been many curveballs I have not been able to dodge and I have fallen off track for more times than I can keep track of. Circumstances in life that just don’t give you that space you need because you are in the midst of just paddling water to keep breathing when you are in the midst of a storm. That is okay too.

I have seen the sky so dark, I could no longer see the sun shine. Those times I had to dig deep within to really trust myself that the sun is still shining behind them dark heavy clouds. In the beginning I could not do anything more than just be in it, a feeling of being paralyzed of it all. Simply because It was all just too overwhelming.

It was okay to sit in the darkness because somehow that would force me to take action, rise up and really listen inwards to my gut feeling. Accepting that things had changed and I had to change with it in order to get out of it.

It is easy to think that in darkness you can’t find anything, how can you when it is too dark to see. But what I learned is; that it is in the dark you are able to really tune in, after some time when you’ve adjusted to the dark. It is as if all your senses heighten and tune in to your core, to guide you back to your light again. So even if it many times felt like I was fumbling in the darkness, when I was able to tune in and really listened to my gut feeling I could feel the sun shine through. Sometimes not really seeing the sun, but I felt the warmth of the rays coming through the clouds. So I would keep taking steps towards that. Because I felt the sun, and as I did that I felt myself getting closer. Being on the right path again. Maybe a new path but still I was back on track. And at some point all of a sudden there it would be. The sun. Shining right back at me.

Guiding me home.

So you see, not all who wander are lost. Because having that sense of direction coming from your very core is the strongest compass you can ever find yourself. In your pursuit to live a life of purpose and a life of happiness I believe.

I remind myself that “there is no light without darkness”, (quote by Mark Frost). So for each sunrise I get to witness, I empower myself for having faith and moving forward, for never giving up, for believing and having faith. Yes, I walk on the path with new things packed in my baggage. Embracing it for whatever it is.

Because when I see the sun again, I feel alive and I know I am on the right path.

I have grown stronger in ways I never knew possible, I am empowered with everything that has been, is, and will be, and I allow myself to simply just shine.

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