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Get to know Lendsy

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I’m so happy to see you here!


Through moving, healing, breathing, and by your being

I want to guide you to be able to optimize your 

health and wellbeing. Let's find your own shine.

Let me start off by telling you more about myself.
I am a registered nurse, certified yoga instructor and nutritionist, health motivator, and tactile touch therapist, health coach. But above all, I am a human being with all that comes with it.

I have had dark moments in my life and finding my way out has not always been easy. Sometimes I fall back and have to gather strength to get back at it again.


As a child, I survived cancer and have had to learn to live with the side effects. I live with chronic pain on a daily basis. 

I tried to find my ways through trauma, loss, grief, exhaustion, fatigue, and anxiety and everything in between life has given me, and still find my way to shine through life and be of service.


Finding ways to improve my mental and physical state of health has been a long journey.
But it was not perhaps until realizing and accepting myself for who I truly am that I fully allowed myself to move forward and work on myself in ways I had not been open to before.


Life is seldom as picture-perfect as you see it online. I sure can testify to that. But what I am here to say is that, even if life has its ups and downs, through it all you are worthy to shine!

I’m not perfect, nor do I know everything about how to live your life. I’m just here to shine a light on how I found my way to shine again -  and perhaps through that, you find your own shine too.

It's been a long process for me to get to the point I’m at today. Healing processes are not easy. Many life circumstances had to fall into place for me to stop pushing myself in ways that led me into a negative spiral.

It was not until then I was able to give myself a break and finally put myself as a priority. To live life in a way that allows me to be the best version of me that I can be.

Through yoga, meditation, what I eat, and simply how I prioritize my life has been life-changing, but it is an ongoing process even to this day.

I want to help you find your way through optimize good health through how you eat, sleep and move, and find that space for yourself where you can turn off the monkey mind. 
But also help you become more mindful in other areas in life such as with your relationships, work, and priorities in life.

If you are in a good state - body, mind and soul - the easier it will be for your truest self to shine through and for you to shine on!



My Resume

​Teacher Trainings

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 h - All Yoga (Mathieu Boldron & Sara Martin Blanco)

  • Pregnancy Yoga 85 h - Altromondo (Ulrica Norberg & Jennie Liljefors)

  • Yin Yoga 50 h - Yogayama (Sofie Ringsten)

  • Healing Yoga 30h - Altromondo (Jennie Liljefors)


  • The Art of Assisting - Simon Park

  • Go Deeper & Yin Yoga - Ulrica Norberg

  • Rest in your own power - Yoga Shakti 

  • Creative Genius - Luke & Brooke

  • Ashtanga Deepen Your Knowledge 10h - Myoga (Anna Bjärvik)


  • Registered Nurse - University of Jönköping, Sweden


  • Tactile Therapist - University of Jönköping (Nursing, 7,5 hp)

  • Motivational conversations course

  • Sports Training and Nutrition - Shaw Academy (online)

  • "Stress less - live more" Course in stress management - Coursio

Isac and Lendsy Prewedding-4988.jpg
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