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The power of stillness

I am a person who can give good advice to others but forget to apply them on myself. Friends of mine often reminds me, how about you start taking your own advice for once? I feel silly when ever that happens and frustrated that how come I can give others advice but forget to apply them on myself ? So these past few days I have wholeheartedly been trying to just Stop and rethink about what changes I need to do to get to where I want to be in life. Of course not having all the answers of what I need to do in life but at least stop  myself from continue on that path I feel would do me no good.

What I noticed about myself is that when I feel that there’s too much going on in my head I keep pushing  myself to just keep going instead of just stopping myself and just think about what is right now. I keep thinking about the should/would/could haves and everything  I have to do.

I do have somewhat of a regular Yoga practice on my mat. But when it comes to meditate and being more mindful I tend to not always give enough time to it when I feel there is too much going on. I somehow tend to allow the monkeymind take over. This is not the first time this happens to me. That I choose to not give time to meditate or just enough time for myself. The reasons for this are many. Sometimes one just feel it is too much to deal with and easier to just try to push aside and continue with what is, the rest can be dealt with later. What happens is that things in my head just keeps  layering up untill I don’t know what is anymore. It is all just piled up and one just have to start to sort things through, similar to your warddrobe to find what you need. You have to turn on the light and just take out all the clothes and start sorting them inorder to hang them back in a way so you find them again.

When taking the time to meditate, in other words just allow myself to be in stillness and have a concious breathing it helps me to quiet the mind. It is tricky to explain, because at first all you feel might be chaos maybe even anxiety to just sit with yourself and all your thoughts. But think about it this way, you can most likely sit with others and talk, how come you can’t sit with yourself and your own thoughts for just a few minutes? Just think about it. Think about that wardrobe again, at first it feels too much to go through but when starting digging into it, maybe you even find things to clear out, that no longer serves you, that would leave you with more space and  a good feeling. So what happens if you just try to sit with yourself in stillness and try to put yourself outside your thoughts and just observe them? For some it might be hard to sit still, just try finding your own way to get that same feeling. What I find important is taking that time and space for yourself, wether it may be a walk in the forest or a bikeride along the seashore where you can allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts and just breath without distractions. Doing so alows you subconsciously clearing up that wardrobe of yours.

What tends to happen to me when giving myself time to meditate is that I feel more relaxed and centerd and easier to connect with my true essence how wierd that now may sound. Give it a try, not only when you feel overwhelmed with life but do it on a daily basis. It helps you in so many more ways than you can imagine, stresslevel, focus, sleep, energy and so much more.

I am trying to get back to routines at the momement that I learned and appriciated from my yoga teacher training course. Starting my day with some morning meditation along with my yoga practice to get a good start of the day. Because I do find power in that stillness.

//Shine on

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