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Welcome to a Yoga class where we focus on self-love. You do not need prior experience to join the class. Anyone can join.

What to think about: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and are more stretchable, so you can move freely.

  • No shoes needed, as we practice yoga barefoot on the mat.

  • Silence your phone, so it won't disturb others.

  • Be on time. Recommended to come 15 minutes before class starts.
    So you get the chance to unwind and find your place.

  • Avoid heavy eating meals prior to class. You can have a light snack an hour or two before class.

  • Listen to your body, never push into pain.

  • If you have injuries, health conditions or are currently pregnant, inform the teacher to get adjustments.

Join us at

Dakak Yoga Wellness Club

Start your wellness journey with us right here at Dakak Beach Resort.

As a member of the Dakak Yoga Wellness Club, you can join our to weekly yoga classes, and also enjoy great benefits on other Dakak amenities, restaurants and events - for yourself and your family!

As a monthly member of DYWC, we offer 8 weekly yoga classes for you to choose from, all at scenic locations around the immersive landscape that is Dakak Park & Beach Resort.

As a member, you can enter Dakak for free, and also bring up to two companions - for free! While here, enjoy discounts on restaurants, events & spa services.



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