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Beautiful morning!

It is amazing how a good start of the day can make everything feel so much better. I woke up with the sunrise today. I drank my celery juice, made by my dearest husband before his morning run. I rolled out my yoga mat and did my morning yoga and work-out. Afterward, when we both were done with our own things, we both sat together in the sun and did a short meditation together. I love it every now and then when we take us the time to do these things together. It is a different feeling a different vibe. Followed by a nice breakfast together and then on with the rest of the day. The thing is as I went to bed yesterday, my body was not really feeling it. The body was in pain and a lot on my mind. I did not get as many hours of sleep. But before I entered dreamland I made up my mind to embrace the day come what may. To not give in too much in what is. To just take it as it comes. To make the best I can to give myself the best start of the day. Giving myself the time to get in my morning routines. Some days even if I have the mindset I simply just don’t have the energy in giving these things to myself even when I try. And that is okay too. But wow the feeling when the simplest things as rolling out that mat, sipping my lemon water and some journaling in the morning sun. Pure bliss. This morning I was filled with so much happiness and gratitude that even if the body was not really with me. We did it. I rolled out the mat. I did my part in giving myself the best of what I could today. That it self made the rest of the day much better. All days are different but today was really a beautiful day. Inside out. What I mean to say is that even if things are not perfect or what you pictured it all to be you still deserve to give yourself the best.

Shine on// Lendsy

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