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I dream of many things..

I dream of many things. Most of things I dont dare to speak of out load. Because of fear of them being taken away. At least like this i still get to keep them like dreams kept safe within me. Hoping that someday they will be a reality. Just having that hope of that maybe someday it will be reality gives me energy and makes my heart smile. I dream of this inner peace i never really felt within for more than just brief moments. In order to get there I know I also need to learn to trust.

I dream of a feeling that this is where i belong. That i dont need to search further I dream to find that this is home.

I dream of someday reach that point with myself that i can cast all my fears away. And truelly let me be of my fullest potential Because i got so much to give. I really do.

I just need to let them fears Not come in my way.

I dream of you and Everything wonderful you truelly are. Because you are amazing and unique. You are my inspiration.

I dream of myself being the best me I can be. At the moment Im taking steps towards that and Im getting there. I believe and i have Faith. Even if there are and will be setbacks i will keep walking, taking steps forward in life inorder to get there.

I dream of joy and happiness, love and togetherness. I dream of you.

I dream of the ocean and the blue sky. I dream of sunsets and sunrises and that sweet breeze caressing my skin and there will just be Love.

I dream of you, you ceround me always, trying to remind me Im not alone.

I realise more and more Im a free spirit, not quite like everyone else..and that, that is okey to be different.. I have always been  searching for something that seem to be missing me… You will always be missing me. So does it mean this is how it always will be? Maybe i’ll always be searching, maybe i’ll always be a wanderer Thinking there must be more than this..

I must be able to do more than this to color this world in all the shades of the rainbow. Too much darkness shadows this beautiful world.

I dream of color, i dream of passion, i dream of you and I dream of Love in all different kind of ways.

I dream to find this calmnes, this serenity within, this feeling that this is home and in ways i do have it, home is where your heart is and i do have so much Love cerounding I’m blessed with that.

Yet i still got this feeling within..that something is Missing me within. So I know I still have some passages to go learn to find my way home. I might always be searching, i might always be a wanderer, i might not always know what Im looking for but that is alright. Because along this road i know Im learning so much and finding the missing pieces to what Im searching for. Ther’s also a saying that not everyone who wanders are lost..Maybe ther’s a something with that saying .

My dreams are with me, some of them i dare to dream of out loud others are within me to keep me shining, knowing that there is more.

The answer is within me I know. I just need to find my missing pieces. Realise perhaps Im already home. Maybe all this search is needed for me to be able to truelly see the beauty of it all. It all has a purpose and i do believe ther’s a meaning with it all.

Dare to dream and walk your own path ❤

Shine on//Lendsy

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