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Good morning

Today when I woke up, sun was shining through the blinds. Sunrays spread perfectly in the bedroom which made the perfect start for this day and my new mantra “Shine on!” A routine I have been keeping up with for quite some time now is drinking a big cup of warm water with lemon and sometimes also a little ginger mixed in it. I have been keeping up with this morning routine every now and then ever since I was in my teens. I remeber my Lola (grandma in Filipino) told me it was good for the health and digestive system to drink that first thing in the morning. Guess that’s what made me start drinking it in the first place 🙂 Later on I end up hearing about this tip in magazins and on teve. Yet my Lola has know about it for who knows how long 🙂 In different magazins I also read that it helps to boost the digestion system, has a cleansing effect, balance PH levels, clears up your skin etc etc. I took perticulary notice in how my skin cleared up and how I just felt different bodywise when drinking warm lemon ginger water on a daily basis. A morning routine i’m glad I have kept. I used to have several routines every morning and evening. Somehow I let them slip away. Which saddens me when coming to think of it. I remember the good feeling of including them in my life. I have always been health concious. During periods of my life I would keep up with certain health routinens .Depending on what I felt  needed to be included in my life to acchieve a more healthy lifestyle and sense of well being. Something would always happen though so I ended up letting go of them sooner than I had hoped for. It was always too much work or studies, life just took over and I forgot prioritizing things in the right order. Looking back at life now I know that these little routines would have been good for me to have kept with me. Back then I thought I was saving time…Today I know better.

Shine on / Love Lendsy

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