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Ups and downs

Life is not always easy as you probably experienced yourself. It sure has its ups and downs. But when things gets too dark I try to always keep in mind that it’s just a period of time and that it can’t remain dark forever. To try to focus on the good things in life. My life? well it has been alot of ups and downs. But ther’s always something I find in my life to be grateful for. Sometimes I dont realise it al at once and just have to be in that dark place for a while to just reach that point of acceptance. Then I have to remind myself to snap out of it. See the brighter side. After all after rain the sun will shine again. Maybe not al at once but one has to keep hope because the sun is there not always as bright as one wish for, but it is there shining guiding you toward the light.

Shine on! Love/ Lends

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