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Time heals everything?

It used to be you and me. Thought it would be for al eternity. They say time heals wounds of a broken heart. Don’t know if I would agree to that. The pain of not having you around has not ceased. It’s still there every day, every hour, every minuit, every second of the day. It may not be an open wound in the same way, it’s still bleeding. It’s like a scar that tends to open up every now and then and especially today. Coz it was this day in the middle of the night I felt it. I woke up by the phone ringing. I somehow already knew. At the same time A piece got ripped out from my heart. In an instant life turned upsidedown, you were gone.

As sisters one share a special bond and somehow that night I felt something missing me and an excrutiating pain, felt like there was no more oxygyn in the air. Impossible to breath was the feeling.

Distance parted us back then and distance is parting us now. And even if you will always be in my heart. Something is and will forever be missing me. I miss you more than words can ever express. The pain of not having you around I learned to live with. The feeling of missing someone everyday gets normal. I somehow learned to keep breathing, to wake up each morning and try to do something with my life to make you proud. I might be smiling, I might be living and yet im still bleeding within.. Life must go on they say, so it has and I try to find comfort in that your in a better, happier place and that one day we will be together again. Al that’s left is me and mamie. We are fine, we are but we long to hug you tight, hear your voice, your scent, your everything

Your my big sister, your my angel and I really just miss you so much it hurts beyond words. I love you Someday we will be together again I know that but until then il cherish us forever within My heart ❤

Shine on/ Love Lendsy

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