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I’m teaching Yoga!

At the end of my Yoga teacher training course with All Yoga, the desire to teach yoga kept growing stronger. Months later here I am. Having my own group of students. The feeling of your students wanting to come back to practice is incredible. I’m so grateful towards my teachers Mathieu Boldron, Sara Martin Blanco & Pierina Rivera Aubert and also to my fellow classmates.  Without them this would never have been possible. They taught me so much regarding yoga and life itself. I know I am just in the beginning of my teaching but i’m just happy I took the first step.

I doubted myself for a long time regarding many things in my life. With yoga I always pictured, that to be able to teach and instruct  yoga, you have to be super flexible and perfect in your teaching. After my teacher training I realised nothing will ever be perfect on the mat nor outside the mat for that matter. You will always be a student, in life, in yoga, in everything you do. You will learn things from your students as they will learn things from you. That is the beauty with yoga.

pinas feb 17 009.JPG

Me and my yoga students after class having fruitsallad as a treat


Morning yoga class.

The things you do know is something you should share. To keep things too yourself would only be selfish. One should share and spread the light. I might not be that perfect instagram yoga pose kind of instructor, but I do have things to share, if you are willing to listen. I’m not perfect, but who is?

Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?  Maybe you will discover a new passion or side of yourself you never knew about. Go ahead, just do it. Take that first step and the rest shall follow. Dare to live. Dare to pursue your passion. If you don’t yet know what your passion is just take that first step and try something new. Something new will unfold and that is the beauty with it all.

Shine on// Lendsy

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