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Good enough!

Ever have the feeling of not being good enough? Always the one who sees the best in others but not in yourself?

Why is that? Do you give yourself that extra care and love like you give to others? Be honest with yourself, do you? What do you see when you see yourself in the mirror? Do you see all your imperfections or do you see that you are perfect just the way you are, body, mind and soul? Do you fall inlove with yourself everyday for simply being you? I work with these questions every day. Some days it is easier some days it is much harder. To be perfectly imperfect is beautiful. Flaws is nothing bad, it is what makes you unique and that is a good thing. And what you might see as a flaw or imperfection is probably not what others might see. We tend to be so much harder on ourselves. It is hard to be your authentic you in a world where society tries to reach perfection and steep everyone into the same mold. It is hard to break the norm and just be you. Things such as age, gender, culture, career, family, beauty, body e.t.c should be in a certain way in this society. This society is not making it easy and tends to make believe one can reach perfection in all areas all at once. But at what cost? Do we have to all look the same? Do the same things. Be the same. Take a look when you go to the city, what do you see? yourself? others? How do you or others act and dress etc. Just think about it. On a daily basis I meet people who struggle with some of these things, myself included. Are you happy? If not, what makes you happy and feel alive and content with life? Is it to buy that car or house? Having that dessigner bag? Fillers in your lips? Get that job? Travel the world? Buying a pet? The answer does not matter as long as you ask yourself why you want it, what purpose does it bring you? Is it realy what you want or what society has you thinking it is what you want? Take a breather, and really think about it. If you already reach that point in life where you feel love are content and happy with where you are at in life, I´m happy for you! But if you are not sure of where you stand. Allow yourself to go your own way. Dare to take risks. Dare to follow that dream. Dare to take that leap into the unknown. There is great beauty in that even if it is not what everyone else expects you to do or be. Remember you are good enough just the way you are. Be your real authentic you!

//Shine on

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