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Finding my way

So here I am writing a blog, feels random and new to me. Yet I feel i’m ready for something new when it comes to expressing myself so here I am giving blogging a go.

I’m Lendsy, at the moment feeling abit lost and out of place in this world. I’m trying to find my way in life, what makes me happy, to live the life I want to live. Not just live the life everyone expects. I’m at a crosspoint in life where I feel I need to realy step up in my life and take control not just let each day pass and hope for the next one to be better. It’s time for a change.

All I know for sure is that on this journey of life, sun will sometimes shine and sometimes rain and thunderstorms will come down. But even with them rainy cloudy days you have to be strong within and keep your ” Shine on”. This is my story, my journey. A new chapter has just begun.

Shine on/ Lendsy

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