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Back to basics

Alot of things has happend since I last blogged. So why am I blogging again? I feel I need to get structured again. Somehow blogging maybe can help me structure up in my way of thinking. I ended the last few months last year with doing the things I needed to feel good about myself and my being. The beginning of this new year I feel I am starting to drift off abit. I need to get back to basics.

I can really feel the difference in me these days when I dont stick to my basics. The most simple things. Yet I think that is what can help me further from where I am at right now.

What are your basic needs to feel that you will function in the long run as a human being? Take a deep breath and really think about it.

After a Yoga teacher training I took last year I realized some things about my basic needs. One of them being remember how to breath.

To be honest these past few days has been intense for so many reasons. I feel overwhelmed and not sure on what direction I should be taking to get somewhere. If one only had one self to think about, things would be easier.

But right now I think what I need to do before anything else is to get back to my basics.

Some of my basic needs in the morning: Drink my water with lemon. Meditate Pranayama/Breathing exercises Set an intention with the day Journaling Yoga Breakfast

Shine on// Love Lends

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