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It has been a warm sunny summer – I have absolutely loved it! But now I can feel a difference in the air. It is the crispiness of the autumn air I sense.  A new season has arrived.

I do look brightly upon this coming season, autumn. It’s the time when most people get back to their routines after enjoying summer days with being a bit more go with the flow perhaps. At least that is how it mostly is for me. Autumn is beautiful and cozy. Nature dressed in new beautiful colors.  Some days with sun, some with wind and rain. New treasures are to be found in the forest and new inspiration on the kitchen’s stove and perhaps even in your wardrobe. I find it beautiful with autumn in the way that it prepares nature for the coming winter and cold. As a person, you too get into this transition state and adapt.

I personally find it hard to adjust to the cold, but the autumn does it’s best to help you adjust. What I find the hardest is perhaps the fewer hours you get with daylight. But I try to look at it in a different way. Because in many ways it is cozy. You might end up with more cozy nights indoors compare with the summer and bring out your favorite blankets to snuggle up in. Drink your hot cocoa or that favorite cup of tea as you read your favorite book. I really feel it is going to be nice to enter this season.

It is the time when you go back to school or back to work. A fresh start.

Reminds me of when I was a child. The excitement to get back to explore the new that awaits. There’s something special about seeing the leaves go orange and slowly fall off and then assemble into a big pile of fire spectacles on the ground. Reminds me of the circle of life somehow.

Autumn for me is also time for reflection on what has been and what I still want to get out of the rest of the year.

So embrace this autumn and get ready to hustle!

/Shine on

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