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About last year

It is now February 2018. I can hardly believe it was a year ago I was back home in the Philippines and now a year later I’m here in Stockholm Sweden. It feels like time just flew by.

Last year for me was a year when I struggled with letting my thoughts take shape into written words as the months passed by and life and everything that came with somehow made it´s way.

It was an intense year in many ways. Life filled with lessons needed to be learned. Some of I still have not yet figured out. But I believe everything happens for a reason. It was a year when I somehow kept my head above the surface, by putting many things aside. Probably not the best way to deal with things but sometimes that’s an instinct to just survive. It was not always easy to keep everything together. It was a year filled with beauty, love, joy and laughter but also sadness, pain and at times even despair. The true beauty of those dark moments are when you made it through and reached the other side.

What I will take with me from it all was to truely listen to my hearts own song. Sometimes things in life happens and the music will be paused and put on hold. When not listening or not letting the music play – thats when the heart will start beating, in ways you can’t even imagine just to be heard. One should not ignore it. One should do what one can to turn the volume up, really listen, press play and let your own hearts melody guide your way.

Shine on // Lendsy

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