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On and off the yoga mat

I graduated my Yoga teacher training course in Bali at the end of November. After that I stayed for another week in Bali. Did some more yoga, discovered Bali with some new found friends from my training. Miss them so much! We had the greatest time together!

After that I came to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas with my family. I am still here but that’s an other story 😉 My cousin from Sweden together with her family along with my mom came to the Philippines as well. So we all were blessed to be celebrating Christmas and spending time with our loved ones here together.

My cousins and their kids kept seeing me practice yoga. The kids asked if I could teach them. So I did. I held a child friendly, fun, soothing yoga class. They loved it and it inspired me to remember to play every now and then on my mat. To always keep your inner child with you. Yes, yoga is focus but when you play around with focus and just have fun with it, that’s when the magic happens.

For example I have been practising my scorpio for quite some time now, feeling I’m kinda stuck. The other day I thought of what the kiddos taught me. Being fearless and playful. I managed to bring out my inner child. I got rid of my fear somehow and just had fun with inversions on my mat and before I knew it I did it! It was far away from perfect. But I managed to get into a position I been having problems getting into because of fear. Fear of falling backwards. I have been struggeling with that not only in yoga but also in life.

You know when you try so hard to climb up that mountain and when you almost get to the top, something happends and you end up falling. For me it feels lika a repetitive pattern. You give it your all yet somehow when you are almost there at that mountain top you fall and end up starting all over again. So I guess this issue with fear has stuck with me on and off the mat. Something I’m working with overcoming. Step by step I’ll get to my mountain top. It is okey to fall. You just have to keep climbing until you get there. Doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what counts is that you keep climbing until you reach that mountain top.

So what happens with you on your yoga mat is also what is in life off the mat. Think about that next time you step onto your yoga mat. Keep your inner child with you, practice practice and all will come.

Shine on// Lendsy

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